How to get 200k Instagram followers, 35% repeat customer...
Jul 14, 2019
11:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Headout, (Find in Google Maps as Tourlandish Online Ventures Pvt. Ltd), 2nd Floor, Sona Towers, Tavarekere Signal, Hosur Main Road, Koramangala

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About the Speaker:

Somanna Muthanna, AVP Marketing at StayAbode

He has previously worked as Head of Marketing at Chumbak

  • He built out the brand over 5 years with a special emphasis on driving a social media first approach to marketing by building a community of 10mn+ followers across channels 
  • Drove retention across sales channels with an industry leading 35% repeat across offline and online
  • Built a strong design and brand identity for retail presence across the country with over 40 kiosks in Phase 1 of Chumbak's growth and followed that up with 30+ Large Format stores across India

At StayAbode he has: 

  • Laid the foundation for a lifestyle driven mood board for social media which is a huge differentiator in the co-living space today.
  • Co-created the customer journey life cycle across all stages of a resident's lifetime
  • Designed the template for property selection and property design guidelines bible for the brand

What will be discussed?

The Journey to 200k organic followers on Instagram 

  • Building a good team for great Instagram 
  • How to define your story and mood? 
  • What you should never do?
  • Somanna’s top 3 lessons from his Instagram experiments

How to build and retain 35% of your consumers and still not be happy?

  • How to set yourself a target and know it's doable?
  • What are the tools at your disposal? And why that doesn't matter.
  • Where to find your best data points for driving a great retention strategy in the offline world?
  • Repeat vs referrals - Knowing your business & its needs

How a sticky brand & consumer journey can only begin with great design?

  • How to find what your brand needs to grow?
  • Really getting to the core of your consumer and the vision of your business and getting both to shake hands
  • The Chumbak Fashion Story
  • The StayAbode Content Story

Case studies on:

  • The journey to 200k followers on Instagram
  • Using loyalty and store analytics to drive 35% repeat rates
  • StayAbode’s experience with building a referral & rewards program

Key Takeaways:

  • Building a strategy to grow an organic following on Instagram
  • How to build great teams to do great work
  • Great marketing will only happen if you rope in every other department in the company, especially Tech and Finance 
  • Why marketing cannot only focus on marketing to build a great brand?

Who should attend?

Anyone who is 

  • building a brand, 
  • wanting to become a marketer, 
  • loves social media, 
  • wants to fall in love with social media, 
  • doesn't understand the point of building a brand if you have a good product,
  • is just curious about why brands do what they do in the name of marketing

  1. ​Headout, (Find in Google Maps as Tourlandish Online Ventures Pvt. Ltd),
    2nd Floor, Sona Towers, Tavarekere Signal, Hosur Main Road, Koramangala,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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How to get 200k Instagram followers, 35% repeat customers & build a sticky brand

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